With so many choices, where do you expand your business?

If you find yourself surveying your retail space for merchandising efficiencies, you are not alone. With so many products on the marketplace, and so many more that you may not carry, space is at a premium.

If a retailer decides to add a new product line, they are inherently adding risk. Will their existing customers buy? How will they attract new customers who may be interested in the new products. Where will they merchandise the new line in their store? These are important considerations.

When a manufacturer offers assistance in the form of co-op for merchandising or other assistance - provided  the retailer takes on the challenge -  one must think seriously about taking on the project. Upper Deck is one of those manufacturers.

If your store is seriously considering expanding to include, for example, Legendary, VS System or other Upper Deck non-sport trading cards, games or board games, please contact us to discuss opportunities available to help you get up and running.