Events that make a difference!

Recently, we promoted our 2nd Annual NHL Draft Night celebration across Canada. Interest this year was at record levels as Upper Deck produced a special set of Young Gun designed cards just for the occasion. Feedback from retailers has been excellent, and you can be sure we will continue the tradition next year!

Lets look at some upcoming events and promotions for the remainder of the year, as we remain very committed to investing in the hobby and our clients:

  • We will be promoting an event, currently in the design process, around the return to school/new NHL season featuring some signed cards, and some uncut sheets to help you move through additional inventory. More on this shortly.
  • Our Annual Retailer Summit is on Monday September 19th. Once again it is conveniently located at the Marriott Airport in Montreal. It is a great opportunity to find out about upcoming products, to meet manufacturer reps and to grab an awesome goodie bag!
  • Our Canadian exclusive Overtime NHL packs are looking better than ever. Content has been augmented and there are instant win cards in Wave 1 for free boxes of Upper Deck products!
  • We are looking at the opportunity of inserting 'Dealer Cards' in packs of UD1 and UD2. Shops would have to submit professional hi resolution images of themselves in front of their stores to Upper Deck to participate. This is not confirmed yet, but we will let you know soon.
  • We are hosting, along with Upper Deck, a Q and A session on the Thursday night before the Fall Expo in Toronto - at the exhibition site. We will also be hosting a dinner, by invitation, on the Saturday night at a local TBD restaurant to socialize and have some fun (similar to last years event that featured Daryl Sittler, Lanny McDonald and Dave Tiger Williams!)
  • We are working on a number of additional promotional items such as Jerseys, Floor Mats and Sandwich boards and more details will follow soon on these items.

And, of course, along with Upper Deck, we are offering co-op support for stories that decide to sponsor a local 6-12 year old house league hockey team! This is an incredible opportunity to promote yourselves and your store in your community and be an ambassador of sport! Now is the time to line up your team!

As always, if you have any suggestions, feedback or would like to discuss a unique opportunity in your market, please do not hesitate to contact me.