UD to host CDD Conference in Phoenix & why you should attend.

On January 11th and 12th, Upper Deck is hosting a retailer conference in Phoenix Arizona for Certified Diamond Dealers. (see Registration information below) We believe strongly that, if possible, all CDD's should attend.

We are at a crossroads in the retailing landscape. The influence of technology and e-commerce on business is profound - for all of us, leagues, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers. As our partners evolve to compete and stay relevant, so must we all - or risk being left behind. There is always an erosion of trust when change occurs quickly and we must work to rebuild our relationships in these times. It is precisely when we are most cynical and pessimistic that we put aside our frustration and attempt to forge a foundation for future growth and stability. We are hopeful that you do not see such opportunities as a 'waste of time', as opportunity is now the mother of invention. Every one of you has something of significant value to contribute to this conference - but it will not be realized if you do not make the effort to attend!

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday and a prosperous New Year!